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Steven Taylor LA Kobe Bryant Mural
Steven Taylor LA Kobe Bryant Mural


Steven Taylor is a LA area real estate professional and community leader who has completed over $500 million in transactions in the Southern California real estate market. Today, we are going to talk about how to market your real estate online.

In this day and age, gone were the days when you need to bring in a huge amount of capital just to market your property. Nowadays, you have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and several other real estate websites that can assist newbie real estate brokers in marketing their real estate.

The only challenge here is that so many people are also doing it. How do you make your marketing campaign fresh and unique from the others?

Social Media Marketing

While the real estate market is still as huge as it ever was, with social media marketing, real estate brokers also need to develop their own style of marketing to get in new clients daily. Research from the National Association of Realtors shows that about 92% of buyers use the Internet to get information about real estate. Their research may include the property that they want to buy, the owner of the said property, and the asking price.

So if you don’t do your own marketing strategy, then you’d already lost your source of income even before you can start selling your property. Your potential buyers can just simply search for property and buy it themselves!

Setting Yourself on Social

As an experienced real estate professional, Steven Taylor, LA investor, makes sure that he has a strong social media presence not just with his potential clients, but also with people who are inquiring about the property he is selling. That should be your queue, right there.

Setting yourself up on social media should be very easy. Start with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Linkedin. Create your own profile, make sure you fill in all the necessary information, and don’t forget to put in a nice profile picture too.

If your profile is up, it’s time to fluff up your social media account. What Steven Taylor does is that he puts up pictures of the property that he is about to sell or is currently selling.

In your case, take some photos of the property that you’re selling and post them on Facebook or Instagram. If you’ve managed to gain a lot of followers and friends, they’ll immediately get notified. And with that in mind, you can start selling to your followers and page fans.

But it doesn’t always have to be business. You can also pick some random shots of houses or just share amazing photos of mansions and four-story properties that you would like to market in the future. That way, you’ll gain more friends and followers for your social media page.

Social Sharing on Property Pages

Steven Taylor also makes sure to share his social media profiles to property pages that he visits on the Internet. What this does is that visitors on those property pages will click those social media buttons that were installed.

But they will only do that if they like how you sell the property. Remember, we haven’t gotten to the part where you are actually selling your property, so just chill and relax.

For now, establish your social media presence first.

Creating a Killer Business Card

Even in this age of free information and data sharing, the need for an impressive business card is still a requirement for professional real estate brokers. If you want to save money, you can just find a really nice format for a business card online and then have yours printed out.

However, you can also invest money in it by seeking the services of a professional business card maker. Steven Taylor does this and he also updates his business cards when needed.

Make Yourself Easy to Contact

You may have the best business cards and you’ve already shared your social media profile and social sharing buttons on every property site you know, but if people can’t reach you when they do need your services, then all your marketing efforts have been in vain.

Make sure to do the following before you attempt to start marketing your services:

  • Update your mobile phone and office phone numbers on your business cards.
  • Keep your Facebook and Twitter profiles active
  • Always check your social media profiles for any inquiries coming from visitors
  • Always entertain questions, especially when it has something to do with the property that you’re selling.
  • When scheduling online calls, make sure that you’re ready for the call at least 5 minutes before the agreed hours.
  • Learn to plan ahead with your schedules.


Finally, don’t treat your customers differently. There are times when a real estate broker will prefer to talk to a richer client compared to someone who has a moderate budget only because he/she will get a bigger commission with the former.

Treat every customer with respect and they’ll also do the same for you. It’s how Steven Taylor does it and it’s how you should do it if you really want to become the best real estate agent!

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